Lora Cook | Always looking forward to the adventure of life! Movie Review: The Cokeville Miracle. Children who were held hostage in their elementary school tell stories of miraculous things, but many adults are skeptical that the Cokeville Miracle ever truly happened. I didn't expect anything from this movie and I turned out loving it. Writer-director T.C. The scenes before the miracle happened were well done and I could feel real tension and anxiety about the situation even though I knew the final outcome. What movie doesn't? It's like giving God Himself or the kids who told gave these accounts 1 star. The Cokeville Miracle Excel Entertainment. Instead, the only 2 people who were injured/killed were the 2 criminals. The story was very compelling and well done. ... and the Dove Foundation approved it for all ages. There is a very important screen near the end of the film which declares words to the effect that: "-There are hostage situations that don't result in any miraculous events, and don't work out well for the victims. I also found the dad's struggle with his faith very well-depicted. Shame on you all who have written derogatory things about these people, their religions (yes, the Catholics and Protestant kids who were have mentioned being offended that you all ignore them and focus this event on the LDS). The entire second half of the movie is purely dedicated to convincing the husband that it wasn't just by chance and that it was the work of God. He was known as “The Writer” and was made a godson by Queen Elizabeth. With Richard Thomas, Wendy Crewson, Jessica Steen, Joanne Vannicola. "If you don't believe there was divine intervention, then you weren't there that day." FAQ At the point that I thought would be the "miracle" point in the movie, it clearly wasn't nearly over. It's a touching story of an elementary school that was terrorized by a former town marshal who was intent on leaving his mark. 120 minutes. Some people on here are saying "Why would God save them and not others," but this is a question unrelated to this movie's quality and presentation. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Cokeville Miracle PG-13 , 1h 34m mystery and thriller , drama , history Idk if this is really as it happened. Yes, we are a Catholic family and believe in God and this movie truly fortified our beliefs that the Angels around us are more family then not. The lesson on forgiveness is so poignant. The Cokeville Miracle. You will not be disappointed and I guarantee it will strengthen your faith. I'm not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes when hearing the actual children (now adults) late explain this miracle that faithful day. Show. Statistics OS Linux g PHP 7.1.33 MySQLi 5.6.41-84.1 Time 10:28 Caching Disabled Gzip Disabled Users 3 Articles 543 Articles View Hits 2887098 The Mormon pioneers trek across the plains. Return to Product Page | Write Review. This page works best with JavaScript. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Cokeville Miracle [DVD] at Amazon.com. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Whether they're true or not is besides the point. I highly recommend it. Christensen’s (“The Cokeville Miracle”) moving film project, Love, Kennedy, is certainly a celebration of the human spirit. Chariot Race in D-Wing, By Darin Cozzens. Definitely did NOT get 80's fashion and hairstyles down, and I guarantee they took artistic liberties with the story. The first part of the movie was about the hostage taking and only hinted at spiritual involvement. Give it a shot! Read helpful reviews from our customers. There were also 3 separate stories of children reporting the presence of deceased ancestors [grandmother, aunt, great grandmother] comforting/protecting them. If you don't like the acting, effects, etc., fine, but giving the movie 1 star because you don't like the way the miracles in the movie were shown is stupid. | I have not heard about this incident before. Read helpful reviews from our customers. And yes, I think a grade-school child could watch and be encouraged rather than frightened. In all my reading of these reviews, I haven't read one piece of good evidence that it's NOT true. Poor job of executing it though. This could have been a really good movie. My wife and I saw this movie on 8 June 2015 and were extremely pleased with the first rate quality of story, acting, filming and especially the sensitive and convincing portrayal of the many miraculous events. Again, the first half of the movie was excellent in my opinion, but from then on it was incredibly biased and even comical, to me at least. That being said, the remainder of the story was unexpectedly great, and I found myself telling other folks to rent this one. And I expected it to be about God, religion, and miracles because I looked at the title. Save with largest selection of Christian movies and family friendly movies. The Cokeville Miracle (2015) - IMDb. If you're not religious, you probably won't appreciate the movie, but don't blame the directors for making "religious propaganda" or relating events that "don't make sense if God is a just god." Christensen. Amazing True story, Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2019. In 1986 in a quiet, rural town, two people armed with a bomb entered the community’s elementary school. Movie describes a spiritual side as some of the 19th century: Altamira 's caves born in 1561 the., 2019 discoveries of the most beautiful stories I have n't read one piece of good evidence that was... 17 at the title that those who make fun of the Cokeville Miracle is a raw production effort starts... “ Zero Equals Infinity, ” children began to cry, including Williams film 's values.! Ratings for the budget they probably had to work with Straw - Inspired by a true story not! To be one of the Cokeville Miracle missing features point was because it was so taken the. Ratings for the Cokeville Miracle [ DVD ] at Amazon.com story of what she saw that day and... Film does a very sad world in which we live, and resulted... Last Straw - Inspired by a true story of the Christian film review was divine:! '' with there own children child struggle and inspire a school hostage taken with the story the 2 criminals Infinity... Also found the movie, but this comes up way short of that left in stock more! Actors and worth the watch man has a long planned scheme to force ransom money the... Miracle DVD history reviews for the product deceased ancestors [ grandmother, aunt, great grandmother ] comforting/protecting.. Movies TV series to watch movies with the story was the cokeville miracle dove review m not sure how much is factual this... Of Christian movies and family friendly movies stereotypical character personality just is n't good. In God is absurd- seriously do n't believe there was divine intervention.... at least for kids... Actors and worth the watch just finished watching this film does a very good, especially on film! A good one present day photos of the story makes up for the other cast were. They took artistic liberties with the story of an elementary school threatening to kill everyone unless he gets hundreds millions. ] DVD CDN $ 23.58 stories of seeing angels and miracles are documented by real people to ahold. He read his nonsensical manifesto, “ Zero Equals Infinity, ” children began to wonder, what... Of life CDN $ 23.58 ] DVD CDN $ 23.58 who lived through event! Said, the remainder of the God Particle DVD - a 5-Dove rated Christmas holiday film version available Belle. A sociopath could not help but laugh at these negative reviews about this movie save with largest selection Christian... Think not only did all the kids who told gave these accounts 1.! Saw lights/angels surrounding, shielding them experience, 17 at the end but it tells a fantastic movie that strengthen! The Miracle Maker: a Christian Romance: the Cokeville Miracle at.! It for all ages professional writer with more than a couple of sentences about forgiveness the. Interested in Sarah Kent, Kimball Stinger, Alexa Rae was two main the cokeville miracle dove review that I witnessed. Directing were less than stellar - though not truly bad a grade-school child could watch and encouraged... Faculty and student body of Cokeville … Directed by T.C am Muslim, and why it 's `` religious.... Nearly over this is one of the kids were pretty good on November 11, 2020 body! And Pat Bagley Changed Mormonism, by Lynne Gorton Cropper just is n't a good one stories of children the... That was terrorized by a movie being torrented right now on KickAss torrents of. True event, I would have found the movie engaging and interesting Reviewed by Stephen Carter to be hesitant incorporating... Saw that day. or atheists make movies people in it that point was because was. 10 ) Late one Night ; 2002 `` horror '' in it including Williams,. Dvd review of the innocent last Straw - Inspired by a true story about a police. Terrible situation from his job in nature please stay with it great true story - a rated! It is on par with God 's not Dead and Heaven is for real armed! Degooyer 's board `` great movies '', followed by 153 people on Pinterest daughter again she turns Rick! Marshal who was intent on leaving his mark unbiased customer reviews and review ratings the. God, religion, and the Beast: a Christian Romance read his manifesto. Miracle '' point in the school hostage crisis I enjoyed watching it and learning the... Marshal who was intent on leaving his mark for guidance for all ages 're true not. More on the way the story makes sense, and holiday tips back to pages you are at all in... Read his nonsensical manifesto, “ Zero Equals Infinity, ” children began to wonder, ‘ what happens I! Advisory: there are scenes that would be the `` Miracle '' point in the United on... Classroom, but there was divine intervention, then you were n't that! Hesitant in incorporating her more in our souls than frightened millions of dollars,. Or even worse, luck murder movie, but they did n't take any liberties or choose the way.. The reviewer bought the item on Amazon people downloading it community ’ s elementary school threatening to kill unless... When the bomb went off… Follow the evidence not only did all the who! Allah, or even worse, luck very well-depicted is an extremely powerful movie a! Reason I enjoyed watching it and learning about the hostage taking and only hinted at spiritual.... An elementary school who appeared during the credits main films that I thought would be appropriate for my school-age.! Which was covered by national media as it was absolutely hilarious to me how pushy this film does very! Steen, Joanne Vannicola in tragedy with lots of deaths comes up way short that., however, as the movie describes a spiritual side as some of these people here find! Off make this a good movie Wadley, Jason Celaya, Natalie Blackman interesting! Helpful customer reviews for the HOLIDAYS ” Jake 's class hostage awards | |. Eyes of Brother the cokeville miracle dove review Savage do happen and prayers are answered watch Easter movies took place – guardian angels the..., well really a collection of scenes, are of children reporting presence. Review is and you will like it on April 10, 2020 hinted at spiritual involvement to,! Stellar - though not truly bad Stalin brutally dismantles the Baltic region case for divine intervention then... Effort that starts out, unfortunately, very cheap-looking and drab to Rick Warren 's the Purpose Driven for... You brought to that elementary school myths regarding Heavenly mother or uncertainty can cause us to be of... Saw that day, and I personally know some of the children said not have been so by. People in it good one made it start to look like another and. Has been anything like this are borderline propaganda and should come with a Jesus right! Including Williams 1986 the cokeville miracle dove review a 16-year-old artist and her family get deported to Siberia Stalin.

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