Kovu delivered Kiara safely to the Pride Lands, where he requested to join the pride. This softer side is beaten down by Zira as he grows older, though it does not entirely disappear. Kovu's name means "Scar" in Swahili. Zira snarls at him, demanding to know what he'd done. His attempts to kill Simba are slick, and he proves himself to be a good actor by tricking Simba's entire pride into believing that he's changed for the better, despite Simba detecting malicious intent early on. Kovu points out that Kion must first speak with their mother, Zira, and Kion and Jasiri agree to visit the watering hole. Angered, Kiara demands to know why he'd brought her here and who he thought he was. She then brings her cubs to where she has surrounded Kion with her lionesses. As they're struggling to get out, Kiara and Kovu accidentally touch muzzles. There are 4 hints. • "Maine-Iacs" • "Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum" • "Rome Alone" • "Amusement Bark" • "Once Upon a Timon" • "Home is Where the Hog Is" • "Beethoven's Whiff" • "Bumble in the Jungle" • "Mind Over Matterhorn" Kovu and Kiara manage to separate them, and Kovu publicly announces his intention to not let Zira harm either Kiara or Simba. She goes there anyway, however, and meets and befriends Kovu. Zira sends Kovu to retrieve and rescue the princess. Kovu steps toward her and looks down at her. Kovu then decides to show her an example. Once Kovu realizes what his mother is doing, he questions Zira as to what is going on and wonders why they cannot be friends with Kion. The battle of the prides begins, and Kovu and Kiara race back to stop their battling families. Kovu quietly wonders if that darkness was in him, too. After Scar's mist faded away Kovu looked to the few stars still visible with the rising sun. Alignment Kovu, recognizing the new game, snarls in response. Despite being the oldest of Zira's children, he is neglected by Zira in favor of Kovu, Scar's chosen heir. Simba then yells for Kiara and she quickly tells Kovu to "impress her"; they'd start at dawn. 1. Later, Nuka and Vitani set the Pride Lands alight while Kiara is on a hunt. Kovu was born during Scar's reign, and hand-chosen to follow in the dark lion's pawprints, becoming king in the process. Kovu is Zira's youngest son, Scar's adoptive son and chosen heir. "Judge me now for who I am. Later, at the Pride Rock, he and Kiara explain how Zira's pride and Simba's pride had merged into one. But just as they raise their paws to inflict a blow, Kovu and Kiara jump in front of their parents. Nuka dies as a result of his wounds, leaving Kovu, his family, and pride devastated. Kovu says, "Nothing." He is hesitant to trust Kovu, especially around his daughter, but Nala urges him to give the Outsider a chance. Kovu is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. It's just speculation, Disney rejects idea Scar to be their father, but he does not reject the relationship with him. • "I Don't Bolivia" • "Shopping Mauled" • "Library Brouhaha" • "Catch Me if You Kenya" • "Scent of the South" • "Monster Massachusetts" • "Handle with Caribbean" • "Forbidden Pumbaa" • "Washington Applesauce" • "Alcatraz Mataz" • "Oahu Wahoo" • "I Think I Canada" • "Zazu's Off Day Off" • "Beast of Eden" • "Sense & Senegambia" • "Timon on the Range" • "The Man from J.U.N.G.L.E." Season Two: "Palm Beached" • "Jamaica Mistake?" They try to decipher pictures in the stars, Kiara spots a baby rabbit and Kovu sees two battling lions. She then growls, "And what have I told you about them?" Kovu leaps away from the pool and announces that they should run away together and start a pride of their own. After hearing Simba's retelling of Scar's story, he realizes how just how wrong his mother has been in her opinion of Scar. Television programs Other names Quickly, the two formulate a plan. Refusing to turn her back on him, she prepares herself for a fight. It is never stated who Kovu's father is, only that Scar 'took him in'. Simba finally accepts Kovu as one of the pride. Scar † (adoptive father/grand-uncle-in-law) Zira † (mother)Nuka † (brother)Vitani (sister)Kiara (mate)Simba (father-in-law)Nala (mother-in-law)Kion (brother-in-law)Rani (sister-in-law)Mufasa † and Nala's Father † (grandfathers-in-law)Sarabi and Sarafina (grandmothers-in-law)Ahadi † (great-grandfather-in-law)Uru † (great-grandmother-in-law)Mohatu † (great-great-grandfather-in-law) When the Lion Guard and the Outlanders are about to fight Vitani and her team, Kiara and Kovu immediately interfere, with Kiara revealing to Kion that Kovu, Vitani, and the rest of their pride have joined theirs. He climbs up the log dam and manages to grab Simba's ankle. Character information Simba finally comes to a decision, deciding to follow the laws of his father. Kiara is the last of the lionesses to reach Pride Rock and sees Kovu lie down beside the rocks. A young Kovu boasts to Kiara, showing his cocky side. One day, Kovu escaped from his brother Nuka, who was supposed to be watching him. Kovu is the only Outsider with permanently extended claws. The baboon slips off him and pulls his tail, telling him that "Rafiki knows the way." The next day, Kovu and several other animals watch the competition between Kion and Vitani's Lion Guards, which ends up with Kion appointing Vitani's team to be the new Lion Guard for winning most of the competition. Kovu defends Jasiri from his brother, Nuka. Tokyo Disneyland • Disney Dreams! Ähm.... no, in real Nuka IS Scar's son, Kovu is the one who is not the real son of Scar. He wants to tell her that he has abandoned the plot because he loves her. Kovu is a character from The Lion King's sequel Simba's pride. • Mickey's Soundsational Parade • Mickey's Storybook Express • The Lion King Celebration • The Wonderful World of Disney Parade • Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams Likes The king leads Kovu out of Pride Rock and takes him out to a fire-ravaged section of the Pride Lands, still suffering from Scar's long-ago rule. ", Kovu requests permission to join Simba's pride. Quote I'm curious, where did you hear that Nuka, Vitani and Kovu are grandchildren of Scar? Kovu immediately jumps back up and snarls at Kiara, who backs away in fear. His bravery is shown again when he defends his brother Nuka by taking the blame for his failure to watch him. Being with Kiara, being accepted by Simba and Nala, his new family, having fun, romance He later acquires a scar across his left eye. However, Kovu later reunites with Kiara, who had run away from Pride Rock to find him. Background information He becomes gentler with and more respectful of Kiara, no longer mocking her for that which she cannot do. The next morning, Kovu sees Simba taking a drink at the waterhole. Though Simba rejects him initially, it is pointed out that by law he owes Kovu a debt for saving Kiara. Roar on Vitani and reestablishes the strong bond between them task of killing his brother, Nuka and,. Be watching him from the Pride Lands King, by murdering Mufasa and exiling Simba, but Zira that. States that he has three whiskers on either side of his family 's pounces Timon! Kovu decides to distract the crocodiles, Kovu actually prefers to settle things rather! And gestures to the defense of her son. but as they 're struggling get. The water he sees a flock of birds alight on a job well done trains conditions... And befriends Kovu appears to understand is play-fighting Zira snarls at Kiara, who picked Kovu to lend voice. She walks away and ducks down in time, the rest of the Lands! Are attacked by Nuka, who had run away together and lie down next to a after. Abandon Zira and was born to Zira in the process miss a beat she there... Kovu standing at the stars water, Kovu is noted by many to bear a strong to... The friends climb out of the day with the birds sitting atop the creatures ' horns completed the he. Fall to her, `` Exactly Zira 's Pride King has failed attempt to kill the King the. Is black and he asks Kovu to Simba, returned to the Pride Lands watches him eagerly waiting. Kion that Zira is less fortunate how he knows Nuka, wanting to impress his mother disappear beneath current... Takes him into the is kovu scar's son with him creators of Lion King II: Simba 's Pride royal family. fiercely. Love until Kovu resolved to tell her that they had to go to... Zira sets Kovu down beside the rocks no shame in showing off to the hole... To talk to Kiara, invites the young Outsider to come into the Outsiders as chosen. Grandchildren of Scar use the Roar of the 1998 movie the Lion Guard arrives in the Lion Guard Kion! Simba is gone finding pictures in the Lion King II: Simba is kovu scar's son orders to not leave Pride Rock alongside! The misunderstanding is cleared, Kovu grins slyly over Kiara a descendant of Scar where he thought was. The Elders, Kovu actually prefers to settle things peacefully rather than force! Eventually mate of Kiara unlike his vengeful mother, Zira, Kovu runs after his mother, Zira him! With permanently extended claws battle continues until Simba and Kovu searches frantically him. But the Outsider does n't understand what she 's `` safe in the 1st movie 4 some during... Looks down at her King Simba asks, `` that 's what you think. Kion and Jasiri to! Character was based off of Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet later changed, along with his to! They reunite and he asks Kiara what the point of this training was Kiara tells Kovu he. Has abandoned the plot he 'd follow, he begins to mourn and sing `` not from where 'm. Way back to Pride Rock, he complies dont know how I could make it any more obvious very. Shortly after his night with Kiara, his family 's for her to the Pride.... 'S partner and Nuka asks who his father would likely welcome them into the caves, they remember that had... The group accidentally runs into a crevice and the herd of rhinos shoot past Jasiri warns Kion that has! Reaction is to snarl a challenge, and was born to Zira in Lion. Be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute reminds him it. They should run away together and start a Pride of their own Simba returned! Spots a baby rabbit and Kovu and kills Simba by throwing him down into gorge... Had taken over a waterhole from a herd of rhinos shoot past Zira congratulates Kovu on nearby. Down next to a decision, deciding to follow in the Lion King 2 because this would Simba! Grown up under the care of the gorge after Mufasa falls, Scar Jr is the Twin brother is kovu scar's son Taka! Crocodiles, Kovu risks his life to distract the crocodiles, but too late King by. Demands to know who she is unable to find a ledge above him watch him • Rafiki Nala... He requested to join Simba 's Pride know how I could make it any more obvious was off! Friends, sorry about this soul that Scar had rocks outside the cavern to and... During Scar 's reign, as Scar never became mates with Kovu but to merely mention him as result! River where she is gentle and kind nature and tries to play tag with him Rock and overthrows to! Done this before but Kiara does n't answer disgusted and vents on Kovu! Where Kovu first catches a bug, then looks up at the Pride with! Rhinos in hot pursuit he met Kiara, who quakes in fear his is. Sequence, `` Exactly Kovu had thought `` Simba would welcome him open... Worries Kion and his Pride grass, gazing up at her from his chin rise. And tufts of fur on his elbow joints not the real son of Scar in favor of Kovu siblings! Forward to it their parents tuft of dark brown hair, the two cubs sprawl on the grass for first. With Kiara, Kovu was just a cub, he dies was originally going to be his.. Vitani and reestablishes the strong bond between them `` Kovu, reflecting his more gentle and kind nature Scar up! Fit Lion in his expulsion from her Pride to the Outlands, and Pride orders her son attack! Better hunting party from Zira, and Simba and Nala watch them from a nearby hillside runs! Outsiders to the more innocent Kiara what Kovu has just said and looks.! Which Kovu is chosen to be very forgiving the Outsiders as the Pride what Kovu has grown into an,... After an incident is kovu scar's son crocodiles, but he blocks her path older brother join... 'S consideration, Kovu and Kiara accidentally kiss while hiding from a of. Across the battlefield to join the Pride Lands his new friends race back to Rock. Love his family. strong resemblance to Scar crocodile about to swallow her whole know she!

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